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Is there any way to make SEO quicker?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization that directs natural traffic to your website through various ways like inserting keywords to rank in google and is performed both, on-page and off-page.

SEO has revolutionized the web world and with modifications and evolution, the ways of it have changed as well. But, how can new websites use SEO ways for a quicker and greater Optimization to compete with old portals? Or how can premium websites develop their content using SEO in a better way?

Well here are a few techniques for you to generate faster Optimization:

<strong>1.</strong>Create FAQ pages

Introducing FAQ pages for users on your website is always a great idea. The frequently asked questions, help people make efficient choices about your services and provide a better outlook of your site. They also improvise the customer experience leading to an exponential increase in sales as the basic information is already provided via these FAQs.

<strong>2.</strong>SEO from the start

If you are a new agency or are looking for rebuilding your website, hiring an SEO expert from the very initial period provides an edge to your website. Making it adequate for phone view is another aspect to be kept in mind while working or reworking on your website designing. Using SEO from the very beginning makes it more appealing.
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<li>User-friendly and SEO-based content</li>
Content writing for your site should be with the intent of the users that you want to target. If you provide the right content accordingly, chances are your site will boost up. In addition to that, including keywords naturally and organically makes it more effective for your website to rank and fascinate a greater audience.

<strong>4.</strong>Fast working website that is speed

Gone are the days, when people used to wait for a site to load hence, you are highly advised to get rid of anything that makes your website slow. You wouldn’t want the navigates traffic to get back just because your site isn’t loading. Make it a point to remove any such things present that might make your page slower as now, the world is at just a tap.

<strong>5.</strong>Video bytes and images

Video bytes have now revolutionized the technological world and they do play an explicit role in your website as well. Users are always up for visualizing what you’ve to offer. But for this to happen, you should use the right keywords for images and videos on your site that would attract a greater audience. In the alt tags always use the keywords that you searched in the SEO process and relates to the topic.

<strong>6.</strong>Curated links – Internal and external links

Attaching links is an important aspect of SEO but for a quicker and more efficient Optimization, the backlinks to your website and the ones your site includes should be relevant to the content and wisely curated because the quality matters over the quantity. Inculcating links that will make your user experience elite is crucial for better SEO. The links can be interlinks and external links. Both of them head towards ranking on google.

<strong>7.</strong>Voice Search Optimization

The ever-growing and modifying internet era has now paved way for voice search. It should always be made sure that you optimize your site for voice search as well because most of the people tend to ask questions via it and Search engines provide a precise and exclusive answer wherein if your site isn’t optimized for voice Search by adequate key phrases, it might lead to no greater traffic.


In conclusion, SEO is an organic method for improvising rankings. Hence, all tactics might not show results in a day or two. It is important to at least keep updating for a month for better traffic. The one mantra that always works top-notch in content, reach and ranking is that of Writing for people primarily and the optimization shall remain the Secondary thing because it is the users, you want to navigate and quality content always remains the ultimate requirement for decreased bounces and increased efficiency.

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